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How safe is this job?

The work is completely safe. The main guarantee is that you do not have anyone to meet, to give your documents and stuff. On arrival in the country you get a taxi yourself to go to the hotel, which will be booked for you, check in to the hotel and contact with the dispatcher by phone. Next, all the work is on the phone through the dispatcher, who will send you information about orders. You send agency commission yourself once a week via Western Union instant transfers. You constantly have your documents and return ticket in hands, and you can always stop working and go home. Thus, our completely excludes the possibility to get into bondage, lose documents, and other troubles. Escort services in Europe is legal, you can find confirmation of this in the Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia (If you do not find, ask us and we will send the link). The work is in major 4 and 5 star hotels, all agency clients are tested, the majority of them is permanent. You run the risk of not slightly more than the average tourist from the travel Agency.

How much can you earn in Europe?


Earnings depend strongly on the look of girls, quality of photos, testimonials from clients and others, but the average is 500 Euros per day (which you get in your hands after deducting all expenses). The cost of one hour spent with you is 250 euros in France and 200 euros in Italy. We work 50%/50% or 40%/60% or 30%/70%. Advertising, in any case, we paid, luxury and quality. On average, girls have 4-8 meetings per day.

What do I need to start working?

Go to Requirements section, read the information, and then fill out the form on our website.

I have no money for a ticket, but I want to go! Can I credit a trip?

Yes, we have such a possibility. It is discussed individually with each girl.

Who are the clients of the agency?

Our clients are wealthy European businessmen 27-50 years old who want to spend occasional hours of leisure in the society of young and attractive girl. They appreciate beauty, freshness and elegance, which is often lacking in their strenuous business life.

May there be tips and gifts from clients?

Of course. They all belong to you.

Can I travel with my girl friend?

Yes. Ask her to fill the form on our website too.

How do customers know about me?

Our agency works more than 15 years. We have a number of custom web sites, giving ads on many European Internet resources, we also have many regular customers of the agency. Client base since 2001.

I do not want to post my photos online, I’m afraid that I they might be seen by relatives or friends.

Work in our agency is completely confidential. Our websites are intended only for Europe. Photographs are exhibited strongly for the time of your trip and do not appear on the Internet at other times, as we do not need your photos without your presence.

If I want to give up?

You can do this at any time. Just let us know via sms, you do not even have to explain the reason for your decision.

Will I have free time for shopping, excursions, etc.?

Yes, you can take a few days off, it is agreed in advance.

What is the difference between the work of independent escort (individually) and in the escort agency?

Independent escort models work for themselves and deal with all the necessary tasks themselves — self-advertising, control or orders, finance. In general, if you are an independent escort, then you are totally doing everything yourself, including, if something goes wrong, you are the only who have to deal with it.

Do I need to have model look to work in escort?

In short, you do not have to.
In the escort there is a demand for all types of appearance of various sizes, shapes, colors, and other looks. Clients have a variety of tastes and requirements for the appearance of escort models. There are some features depending on the area in which the agency operates. For example, in Europe, naturalness in girls is valued more, that should be emphasized in portfolio.

I have no experience in escort job, what I need to do?

Start with a search for the escort agency with a good reputation and feedbacks of girls who have already worked with them. In fact, you do not need experience in the escort area; you just have to have the necessary requirements for escort job. We will describe all details how the escort works to you if you contact us or fill out the form.

I would prefer that no one knew that I was interested in work in escort. Is my data confidential?

It is especially in the best interest for the agencies who value their reputation to think about those with whom they work, so for successful job all the information remains confidential.

How’s work a professional Agency?

The professional agencies always have its own website, which is always available in the Internet. If the Agency is solid, it has nothing to hide your website. It’s never fills up Your mailbox letters with invitations on the work. The Agency does not accept to work in absentia, always consider your photo and profile. It’s never work on a fake photo. If You are promised work in a fashion photos, then be prepared for problems. Coming client, seeing you, not that girl, whose photo it is interested, just leave. The Agency never requires prepayment for anything. The Agency will prepare your trip, help with visa, photo, tickets, hotels. The Agency vast accumulated database of customers, also has a black list of unreliable customers.

How’s work the operators lone?

The operators lone just put your ads on advertising the site (this will take your money 350-500 euros) and will just reply to SMS clients and to send customers to you. When you do this you’ll need to pay all expenses: tickets, hotels, taxis, travel. And myself will be the operator to take 20-30 % from the cashier, in fact just for SMS. Then you will be offered to reduce the price, then they can disable the phone. If you will remain without money in a foreign country and without a job, my money they don’t send tickets and no one will buy. Believe it!

Our Agency offers the conditions of 50/50%, 40/60% or 30/70%. The choice is yours! We as an Agency pay for the advertising and share with you our large client base, established more than 15 years.

Thank you for your interest in our agency!

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