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• Age of 18 — 30 years
• Good looks
• Knowledge of English or French would be the advantage (optional)
• Sociability, cheerfulness and a positive attitude (clients love it)
• Discipline, desire to work and earn money

The other concerns fall on our shoulders


For a trip you should have:

• International passport
• Open visa or Schengen visa
• Portfolio for job

We are ready to assist you in obtaining passports and visas.


For the trip you just need a good photo! It is advisable to make a professional photo shoot trying to use less makeup and hair styles and relying more on naturalness.

Availability of a video will be a plus, as video allows to see what the picture does not show, that will allow you to stand out and have more work.

If necessary, we will help you make a professional photo shoot, and shoot a video clip.


✔ You can easily afford all of what you’ve been denied for yourself and your loved ones!

✔ Trips are short-term (10-14 days), you can work without disengagement from education and main job

✔ You will be able to pay for tuition and lodging

✔ You will see the best cities and places in Europe

How to start

To find out all the details and start working, simply fill out the form and we will contact you!

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