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Escort job involves short trips of 7-20 days to Europe.

We work in 5 French anf 5 Italian cities. Only in our agency you will have WITH GUARANTEE stable earnings and full safety throughout all stay in these countries. Trips in average take 10-14 days. Income is 3-12 thousand Euros, but it is all very individual, much depends on photos in the portfolio and testimonials about your work.

What is Escort Job?

You work from the agency (it is called so). We have already been working this way since for several years; all the girls usually travel over and over again. During this time we have earned a good reputation among customers, what was not easy and not fast.

We provide you with only 4 and 5 stars hotels at the center of Paris, Rome, Milan and other cities, because our customers do not accept hotels below 4 stars.

Working hours are from 10.00 to 00.00. Coordination of work is carried out through the Russian-speaking dispatcher via sms and phone calls if necessary.
During the trip you can visit several cities of your choice (depending on your tour dates).

Safety of Escort Job

You risk not more than an ordinary tourist who came from the travel agency.


✔ You can easily afford all of what you’ve been denied for yourself and your loved ones!

✔ Trips are short-term (10-14 days), you can work without disengagement from education and main job

✔ You will be able to pay for tuition and lodging

✔ You will see the best cities and places in Europe

How to start

To find out all the details and start working, simply fill out the form and we will contact you!

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